"Ukrtransbud" corporation is engaged in the construction of structures for various purposes, including a high degree of complexity and in areas of increased danger.

We build:

  • multifunctional industrial buildings;

  • social and cultural facilities;

  • trade and office centers of various formats;

  • warehouses;

  • sports and entertainment facilities;

  • public buildings;

  • club type houses;

  • country houses;

  • residential buildings.

Construction license of the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine allows us to perform works of the 5th category of complexity, the class of consequences of CC-3. We also have a license from the State Nuclear Regulatory Committee of Ukraine and permission to work in the 30-km exclusion zone.

Competence of our specialists, use of new technologies and responsible approach to H&S have enabled us to become a participant in the programs of the World Bank, the European Commission and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, implemented on the territory of Ukraine.

Among the unique projects that we have implemented are:

  • Construction of the Centralized store for long-term storage of SRS (SRS Store), including supply and installation of equipment (browse to project);

  • Construction of Facility for production of steel drums and reinforced concrete Containers for SSE CHNPP radioactive waste storage (browse to project);

  • Design and construction of buildings and facilities of the offsite utilities and associated facilities of SSE ChNPP (browse to project).

Advantages of working with "Ukrtransbud" corporation:

  1. Individual approach to the customer;
  2. Fixed deadline for the object delivery;
  3. Performance of a full cycle of the customer-builder`s functions;
  4. Competitive prices;
  5. Use of certified materials;
  6. Adherence of works-in-progress process;
  7. Quality assurance for all types of work;
  8. Favorable conditions for successful cooperation;
  9. Experience of the best specialists.