Leading construction company
of the Northern region of Ukraine

Since 1996, our company has successfully implemented more than 50 projects. We work with unique projects of industrial construction, including those in the zone of increased radiation hazard.

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The geography of our work

Slavutych - Chernobyl
44 objects, 1996-2017
12 objects, 2002-2017
10 objects, 1996-2017
1 object, 2016-2017
Obuhov, Kyiv region
2 objects, 2010-2013
12 objects, 2002-2017
2 objects, 2002-2017
1 object, 2019
  • 50+
  • >1 mlrd UAH
    volume of sales
  • 400+
  • 83, 9999%
    executed in time

Сustomer reviews

The result of our work - is our reputation. Thanks and positive feedbacks from our customers - proof of our success.


Project “Building of a warehouse complex with a site of preparation of raw materials in Obukhov, area of 10,000.0 m2”

Management of PJSC "Kyiv CPM" positively assessed the work of your organization on this subject. All work was carried out within the time specified by the contract, with a minimum budget and in accordance with the rules and regulations of work performance.

Отзывы - 1

Project "Removal of Berm Pioneer Wall"

Corporation "Ukrtransbud" demonstrated the effective work organization aimed at the timely execution of the assumed obligations, providing an adequate level of personnel safety and quality of work performed.


Project "Supply and installation of equipment for LOT-3 SSE ChNPP"

"Ukrtransbud" Corporation shown its competence in achieving the required quality standards of the project, its ability to comply with regulatory requirements and the requirements of the State Nuclear Regulatory Committee of Ukraine and SSE "Technocentre", as the object licensee.

Отзывы - 3

Project "Reconstruction of the railway in the area of Chernobyl city"

Work is executed with the appropriate level of quality. State Acceptance Commission has not identified any deficiencies. Corporation "Ukrtransbud" successfully accomplished contract, completed work on time and within budget, as determined by PMU ChNPP.


Project "Construction of the energy source to provide heat and electricity to PJSC "Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill"

We would like to especially acknowledge the contributions of your engineering staff. His professionalism and deep knowledge of the case made it possible to perform the construction work in a timely manner despite the difficult working conditions.

Отзывы - 2

Project "Dismantling of ChNPP stage II Vent Stack"

In the course of work ChNPP convinced of the professionalism of the employees of corporation "Ukrtransbud", its ability to engage in constructive dialogue while solving emerging issues and search for optimal solutions.