Еngineering and construction

For more than 20 years, corporation Ukrtransbud implements projects in the areas of industrial, commercial and social construction. During this time, we have gained a reputation of a reliable contractor, formed a team of professionals and accumulated an extensive competitive portfolio of devices and solutions.

We provide engineering and construction services throughout Ukraine.  We have completed a wide range of design work, supply of equipment, its installation and commissioning.

Construction license of the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine allows us to perform works of the 5th category of complexity, the class of consequences of CC-3. We also have a license from the State Nuclear Regulatory Committee of Ukraine and permission to work in the 30-km exclusion zone.
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Project implementation process

Technical Proposal
Economic feasibility
  • task analysis
  • Concept
  • Negotiations
Conclusion of a contract

Front end engineering design - presentation of the performer


  • Collection of baseline data for the design.
  • Development of the project documentation.
  • Design (construction project) review.
  • Development of the detailed design.
  • Development and maintenance of as-built documentation.
  • Construction design supervision.

Project management

  • We have international experience in managing unique construction projects.
  • Our experts with 30 years of work experience have developed their own project management methodology.
  • We follow international standard: PMI, IPMA, ISO
  • We take on the projects in software Primavera P6 Professional, MS Project, synchronizing data with АВК 5, 1С УСО, which gives us transparency and relevance of information in projects.
Construction site preparation
Work execution
project management provision and material needs
Mobilization of equipment and personnel
Cleaning and landscaping

Production phase

Completion of the project

  • Commissioning of the facility to the Client.
  • Warranty elimination of defects.
  • Handover to operation.
  • Analysis of the project implementation.
  • Final financial reports.
  • Getting reviews.

Contact Ukrtransbud for cooperation +38(0462)- 64-64-74

We have successfully completed projects in the following categories:

4 projects

Industrial facilities

4 projects

Hotels and offices

4 projects

Objects of urban infrastructure

4 projects

Objects of increased danger

4 projects


Ponds and beaches

4 projects

Parks, recreation areas and nature reserves

Why is Ukrtransbud chosen as a contractor?

  • We are responsible

    We understand that every client and his task are unique. We take on the projects from the design phase and the construction commencement until the facility commissioning.

  • We have a unique experience under our belt

    During our activity, we have implemented a number of unique and complex projects in the zone of increased danger, such as plants and storage facilities of the Chernobyl exclusion zone

  • We have our own vehicle fleet

    More than 50 units of own modern equipment of leading world brands (aerial platforms, cranes, excavators, bulldozers and other equipment).

  • We have a concrete plant and construction laboratory

    These branches of our company work not only for the implementation of our projects but also provide services to outside organizations.

  • We love Ukraine

    We contribute to the cultural and social development of Ukraine by building hotels, churches, renovating parks and other urban infrastructure.

Competence of our specialists, use of new technologies and responsible approach to H&S have enabled us to become, a participant in the programs of the World Bank, the European Commission and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, implemented on the territory of Ukraine.

Among the unique projects that we have implemented are: