We conduct our business on the basis of the following authorization documents:

License of the State Committee of Ukraine for Construction and Architecture seriesАЕ №640426 of 26.05.2015
License of the State Committee of Nuclear Regulation of UkraineОВ № 000342 of 05.10.2011 
Certificate of state registration of legal entitiesА01 №327021 of 09.08.2010
Reference from the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine (EDRPOU)    АА №809316 of 27.05.2013
Reference about tax payer registering№24 of 26.08.2010
Certificate of registration of the value added tax payer№100298142 of 21.08.2010
Quality management system certificate ISO 9001:2015 от 07.06.2018
Certificate of test and measurement laboratory attestation№160/2015 of 28.12.2015 
Special permission of the State Department-Administration of the Exclusion zone of unconditional (mandatory) dispossession№001207 от 11.12.2017 
Operating permit for vessels that operate under pressure greater than 0.05 MPa №1125.16.32
Permission to perform certain types of work№1122.16.32
Permit for load-lifting cranes operation№2686.16.32
Permit for load-lifting cranes and machines operation№ 3321.16.32
Permit for elevators operation№ 1357.15.32