We are a reliable and developing company. We are inspired by our projects, and this opens up opportunities for our employees. Everyone who is part of our team is an integral part of the big mechanism - "Ukrtransbud" Corporation. We hire people, not positions. Each job needs a certain qualification and skills, but we prefer to focus on the unique aspects of each employee.

If you want to work in the corporation "Ukrtransbud", read our job offers, find the right one for you and send your CV. We will definitely consider it. And if you meet the requirements of the vacancy, we will invite you for an interview.

PTD engineer (industrial construction)  

Rate + surcharge by results of projects implementation

City: Chernihiv

Employment type: full employment

Requirements:Experience from 1 years, higher education, obligatory presence of higher building education and work experience, up to 35 years


the procedure for development and approval of construction plans; technology and methods of construction work conducting; construction regulations;

the order of works acceptance, objects and methods for monitoring their quality; structure of as-built documentation;

industry standards and technical conditions operating in the industry sector;

computer engineering programs MS Office/ Autocad/ABK-3/MS Projekt.


Reading project documentation, compiling, decoding and detailing the types of work for the estimate department, determining the optimal sequence of work performance.

Audit and control of the availability and quality of incoming design and engineering documentation at construction sites, control of compliance of working drawings with reality plans, if necessary - preparation of sketches on the basis of full-scale measurements

Preparation of work execution plans (WEPs), work schedules

Preparation of questionnaires for ordering the process equipment

Execution of incoming inspection of individual products at construction sites

Preparation of picking lists for objects under construction.

Initiation and organization of alterations in the project documentation, decision on matters with customers and designers

Work with as-built documentation.

Working conditions: five-day working week from 8.00 to 17.00; visits to construction sites. Official employment and wages, training in the management of construction projects, career growth.

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Estimating Engineer  



Employment type:full employment

Requirements: Experience from 2 years, higher education

Knowledge of regulations on pricing of construction; procedure for contract tenders; guidelines on the form, content and the rules  for the compilation of all types of estimates and contractual documentation for the construction of new, reconstruction and major repairs of existing facilities; rules of CEW execution, the order of development and approval of contract (subcontract) agreements

Professional knowledge of АВК, ability to work with projects and drawings.

Working conditions:five-day working week from 8.00 to 17.00


Analysis of design estimate documentation provided by the customer and subcontractors with provision of your comments and suggestions for its elimination, control of its elimination

Determination of the estimated cost of construction, reconstruction or renovation of facilities, data on the cost of material and technical resources necessary for the execution of civil and erection works

Development of estimate documentation, calculations for additional CEW, its coordination with the customer

Monitoring of compliance with the correctness of cost indicators, submitted to the accounting of work performed by subcontractors,  timing control of subcontractors reporting documentation

Verification of the compliance of actual data on CEW performance with data specified in contracts for the performance of these works

Development of subcontract agreement drafts, additional agreement drafts, protocols of disagreements with contractual agreements with customers and subcontractors

Wages may be revised based on the results of work during the probationary period.

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Salary: High

City: Chernobyl

Employment type: full employment

Requirements: Experience from 2 years. Construction education.

Construction experience in engineering and technical positions.

Knowledge of all sections of the construction industry.

Experience in construction works organizing on the site.

Experience with field-specific documentation.

Knowledge of modern building technologies.

Practical skills of working with a computer.

Knowledge of the AutoCad program.

Lack of health problems.

Working conditions:

Rotational work (for 15−16 days) at the construction site in the Chernobyl zone.

Meals and accommodation are provided.


  • ensuring that the site fulfills production targets in the established deadlines;

  • timely preparation of production, ensuring the placement of workers and brigades, monitoring of compliance with technological processes;

  • ensuring the fulfillment of the working standards of production, proper use of production facilities, equipment, tools and instruments, and even operation of the site;

  • installation and timely delivery of production assignments to brigades and individual workers in accordance with the approved production plans and schedules;

  • implementation of industrial instruction of workers;

  • control of following by workers of the rules of occupational safety and health;

  • drawing up applications for construction machinery, transport, mechanic means, materials, structures, parts, tools, inventory and ensuring their effective use.

  • keeping activity based costing, registration of technical documentation.

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Work in the Corporation is:

  • Interesting Ukrainian and foreign projects
  • Solving complex problems with a cohesive team
  • Social protection and professional development
  • Remuneration for high performance in work

Corporation employs more than 100 engineers and technicians, engaged in the offices of Chernihiv, Chornobyl zone and, directly, at construction sites, as well as more than 300 skilled workers.

All the personnel of the Corporation are registered and work for the enterprise according to the Labor Legislation of Ukraine. And the development of employees is an important component of the success of the enterprise, that's why we regularly send our employees to the advanced training courses, trainings, seminars.

The main principle of work in the Corporation is work for results. The result for us is a timely and high-quality project.

Advancing the schedule, saving resources, applying a new technology or method in the project implementation is the merit of the people involved in the project. We are always willing to encourage our employees with the rewards for high performance.

We take into our team both professionals and those who are just starting their work. Every new employee of our company gets support from more experienced colleagues, this allows the newcomer to adapt faster and to reveal his capabilities as a specialist.