Design and construction of buildings and facilities of the offsite utilities and associated facilities of Chernobyl NPP


Design and construction of buildings and facilities of the offsite utilities and associated facilities." (OU and AF). Chernobyl NPP 

Kinds of works:

  • design andsupervision;

  • construction of water supply (cold, technical and fire water supply pipelines);

  • sewage (gravity, pressure and specials.RAW sewage);

  • heating;

  • electricity (ISF6 kV; 6 kV cables above and below ground installation, the cablesoverhead 0.4 kV);

  • communication (radio, wire andradiorelay communications);

  • localnetworks (cables, passive and activeequipment);

  • buildings andstructures  (chemical laboratory, personnel maintenance building; passage - 58.5 tons.;Steel tanks 15, 9 tons.)

  • commissioning ofall systems;

  • training and certification of customer's personnel to work on the installed equipment (communications, electricity,sewerage, water supply, LAN, etc.).