Drop inlet spillway reconstruction and improvement of Strizhen river coast in the city of Chernihiv

An inspection of drop inlet spillway facility on the river Strizhen in Chernihiv revealed traces of initial destruction and non-compliance with the requirements for operation of the facility, which interfere with the proper functioning of drop inlet spillway. Furthermore, while studying the object it was discovered that the gates of the bottom spillway were dully closed and lifting reductors were damaged and below the current level of the reservoir bottom. Engineering and geological work has shown that the bottom of the reservoir of river Strizhen makes it impossible to resume the work of gates, site conditions of reconstruction object relate to III category of complexity, soil thickness is uniform. Therefore, to discharge a sanitary water a spillway should be built at the level of the reservoir bottom.

A concrete surface of the drop inlet and a service bridge are damaged and do not meet the technical requirements. A service platform for spillway gate maintenance is absent.
Our experts carry out work with the use of general purpose machinery in compliance with the engineering-geological and hydrogeological conditions, environmental protection measures and valid regulatory documents.

Ongoing activities at river Strizhen site near Eskova str. Chernihiv enable to adjust the water level regulation and partly improve the ecological state of the reservoir, as well as to avoid possible engineering and hydrogeological processes, such as:

  • floodplain inundation by flood waters;
  • swampy shores and the presence of silt soil;
  • soil displacement occurrence.