Civil and erection, commissioning works on construction of object "Chernobyl NPP. Service water supply system. Source of industrial water (process water reservoir) with a feeding pump station"


Construction of process water supply system includes restoring of six unwatering boreholes belonging to the two water intakes, two boreholes in each. The total discharge of the boreholes is 240 m3/h (40 m3/h each). Water from the boreholes is discharged into the service water reservoir, i.e. used as a source of water for the reservoir.

Types of works:

  • installation of waste sluices and water-regulating facilities on brunch and delivery ducts;
  • installation of ground water cutoff; 
  • installation of earth dams on brunch and delivery ducts;
  • construction of structures for the sensor radar level indicator installation on the delivery duct;
  • drilling of groundwater wells, depth of 35 m;
  • construction of underground single-chamber water intake stations;
  • electrical supply of water intake stations; 
  • laying of ground discharge pipelines on low supports;
  • change of discharge pipeline route of process water from the ISF-1;
  • installation of power equipment and electrical security of boreholes;
  • hydraulic test of mounted pipelines.