Construction of the entertainment complex "RiverSide" on the bank of the Desna River in Chernihiv


Reconstruction of the existing non-residential administrative building with location of restaurant and addition of entrance lobbies and landscaping on the rented land parcel.

Kinds of works:

  1. Complex – preparatory work:
  • providing the construction site with lighting, fire water supply, fire extinguishing means, signaling and communication;

  • arrangement of places for unloading of the construction structures and materials, providing the construction site with the necessary set of temporary live-support utilities;

  • demolition of needless existing structures;

  • land parcel planning, taking into account the design slopes, providing drainage of melt surface water and stormwater;

  • installation of temporary roads and sites for supply and storage of construction materials, components and semi-finished products, etc.

  1. Complex - main works:
  • excavation works;

  • arrangement of new foundations and strengthening of the existing ones;

  • construction of building superstructure blocks and facilities;

  • connection of utilities and low-voltage systems;

  • accomplishment and gardening of allocated land parcel.