Completion of construction of dry spent nuclear fuel storage (ISF-2) at the SSE "Chernobyl NPP" site


The aim of project implementation is increasing of overall safety of the facility, bringing the plant to compliance with the requirements of the existing rules of nuclear and radiation safety and mitigation the risks, associated with treatment and storage of SNF.

ISF-2 site is located at a distance of 1.8 km from the near-station ChNPP area. For the facility construction was allocated free from development planned area of the former building yard of the power blocks No. 5 and No.6 of the ChNPP, on the surface of which bed filled soils. At preparatory works carrying out on the ISF-2 site surface layer of man-made soil thickness of 0.3 m was removed and replaced with clean river sand from the river Pripyat.

Currently, in accordance with the previously developed design documentation, on the site in a state of construction-in-progress is the building of the plant for spent nuclear fuel processing for storage (SFPF), cartridge store, concrete storage modules (CSM), sewage pumping station and control check point (CCP).

Work types:

1. Concrete storage module (CSM): 

  • restoration of the roof and walls.

2. Sanitary wastewater sewerage pump station:

  • repair works on the SPS construction
  • repair work on the SPS facility underground part
  • repair work on three sewer manholes No. 14, 15, 16 (manholes No.14 and No.15- n 1500mm, manhole No.16- n1000 mm)

3. Elongation and renovation of the existing railway track;
4. Repair and construction work on crossings:

  • crossing on ferro-concrete sleepers;
  • crossing through the process path.

5. Works on physical protection system installation.
6. Arrangement of external networks,
and other installation and construction and repair works of objects that make up ISF-2 facilities taking into account their modification.