The conformance certificate of the completed object under the project «Recovery of the safe enclosure of CHNPP unit 4 Turbine Hall between axes 46-52 and A-B» is obtained

Necessity in recovery of the safe enclosure of CHNPP unit 4 turbine hall between axes 46-52 and lines A-B has arisen in connection with the abnormal incident which has occurred on February, 12th 2013 in the SSE «Chernobyl NPP», in which result there was a collapse of building structures of the turbine hall roof of block G, second stage, in axes 50-52 and lines А-B of the area more than 600m2 over the unattended premises and wall panels on in line A in axes 48-52.

Construction and installation work to recovery of the safe enclosure will prevent emission of radioactive substances into the environment and prevent infiltration of precipitation in the turbine hall space.