Corporation Ukrtransbud has finished the project Construction objects "Centralized storage for long-term storage of spent radiation sources" (CSLTSSRS)

In the eve of April corporation Ukrtransbud has finished the project and handed over for operation to SSE "Central enterprise for RAW management" (Operator) one of the particularly important and complicated for construction objects "Centralized storage for long-term storage of spent radiation sources" (CSLTSSRS), located in the Chernobyl NPP Exclusion Zone.

The project was implemented with the support of and using endowment technical assistance funds provided by the Department of Energy and Climate Change of Great Britain in the framework of the Global Partnership.

CSLTSSRS complex includes:

  • a building of a centralized storage for SRS equipped with technological equipment, internal utility networks and systems;
  • an integrated transformer substation;
  • a diesel generator;
  • an external utility networks and facilities.

CSLTSSRS building is built on the principle of zonal distribution of technological functions and is divided into three zones:

  • technological zone (zone of primary technological operations and area of basic technological operations);
  • storage area for air-conditioned SRS;
  • area of auxiliary premises.

Construction of the complex was carried out in two stages.

The first stage included:

  • preparatory work of construction, construction of storage building;
  • establishment and equipping of the storage area for SRS (installation of process equipment and internal utility systems and networks);
  • external utility networks and facilities;
  • commissioning;
  • arrangement of access roads and platforms, landscaping.

During the second stage the following work was performed:

  • fitting out the technological zone with technical means;
  • installation of technological zone internal utility networks;
  • conducting hot and cold tests of process equipment;
  • insulation and cladding of building facades.
  • Operator’s personnel training;
  • work on demobilization.
It bears reminding that CSLTSSRS’s main task is reception, identification, sorting, processing, assembly, packaging, certification and subsequent separate storage of spent sources of alpha, beta, gamma and neutron closed radiation for their future transmission for burial.

To perform this basic function for CSLTSSRS complex special non-standard equipment was developed and manufactured. For this purpose corporation Ukrtransbud involved both domestic and foreign companies - manufacturers of the equipment. Company LLC Ukrtehmash, Ukraine, manufactured technological equipment for conveyer gallery, equipment for sealing of capsules with SRS in the CSLTSSRS hot chamber, glove box and other auxiliary equipment. Company from the Czech Republic JSC "VF" manufactured and installed observation windows made of a special material suitable for use in an environment with radioactive radiation, dosimetry and radiation control system, technological surveillance system in the area 3 hot cells, SRS safe deposit, gateways with transfer devices, ventilation system and some other equipment, as well as assembled system of mechanical manipulators for radioactive products manufactured by Wallischmiller Engineering GmbH, Germany.
Corporation Ukrtransbud thanks these and other companies involved in CSLTSSRS construction for the successful joint implementation of project.

During the facility "cold" start-up Operator’s staff clearly demonstrated performance of the basic processing operations on CSLTSSRS’s specialized equipment.