Construction and checkers

Construction management - is a complex process which demands maximum impact in the work of each participant who is involved in this process.  Uninterrupted concerted work often leads to loss of performance of our brain due to poor quality or late result. And in the construction it means deviation from the schedule and additional costs.

It is no secret that to improve the activity of our brain and increase labor productivity you need to switch from one activity to another.

But what can help to relax and get away and, at the same time "to start" our brains to work? The answer is simple - a board game.

This summer we decided to try to hold draughts tournament in the Corporation “Ukrtransbud”. The game is known to everyone and is not difficult, but demands logical thinking.

We were divided into 6 teams of 6 departments of our company. The first opponents of each other have become employees of the Accounting Department and the Production and Technical Department. The game took place in a fun and relaxed atmosphere with a noticeable ardor among the participants. Each player tried not to let his team down. In this match the victory was on the side of Accounting Department.

Later there were games between the representatives of the other divisions of the Corporation among whom themselves have successfully expressed the Purchase department with a lead of 1 point from the Industrial engineering Department and in absolute counting was the winner of the tournament.

Congratulations guys!

We are happy to have hosted such a tournament and we recommend our site visitors to conduct such activities in their organizations.