A new fountain will appear on the Val in Chernihiv


Renovation project of Val's "lower" part is intended to last two years - 2019 and the next one, but already renovated part was opened to visitors this year on the Day of the City. There already are paths, benches, lawns, two types of lights, ordinary and ground.

However, the full picture even in this part can only be seen next year. Just then the promised highlights of the park would appear, in particular a large mockup of the historical Detinets, a fountain of “two yeanlings”, signs on the pavement and a mockup of historical entrance gates to the fortress. Mockup will be right at the entrance to the Val on the road from university’s department of History, where used to be a large flowerbed. For the moment this area is temporarily fully paved with paving stones, however (as can be seen on the renovation plan located on board nearby) it will not remain so as a final result.

It is worth reminding that historian Alexander Bondar took the initiative to revive the historical fountain during the discussion of Val's renovation project last year. He recalled that in place of the fountain bowl near Preobrazhenska street (near its intersection with Serezhnikov St.) once stood a fountain with sculptures of two butting yeanlings. The highlight should be the fact that the composition "with participation" of yeanlings was installed here for a reason. It is directly related to Val.

"Firstly, for the centenary (1964)of the birth of outstanding writer Mikhail Kotsyubinsky Chernihiv Val received his name, which the park bears today. Secondly, these two 

yeanlings are characters of one of the best fairy tales by Mikhail Mikhailovich "About two yeanlings," Alexander Bondar noted then. The characters carry a rather interesting information load. Main point of which is that it makes no sense to butt where you can not win and both sides will suffer. It is best to negotiate and arrange so that all parties are satisfied!

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Source: https://www.0462.ua/news/2526102/na-valu-v-cernigovi-bude-fontan-z-kozlikami?fbclid=IwAR1evPqYaeMIONQYxUXMglR3QZfDG_LGA8cGWh39btIveA0RZNNsYnPhC7Q