Return football match

The teams went on the field in a new structure, so the game had a new character. It was felt that both teams were preparing for the game, did not waste time.... Trained ....

The game started at 11:00, tactical scheme of the game - 9x9 men. Fans strongly supported their teams. The first goal was scored by the UTB team player Maxim Sviridenko, about 12 minutes after the game started. With this score the teams went on halftime. In the second half the YUTEM team forechecked more as they needed to level the score, and what they have achieved almost at the last minute.

By decision of the captains, A. Antybysh and D. Haidukevich, the teams went on the field for the game in extra time. We felt tired players, the ball rapidly moved from team to team, everyone wanted to score the decider. But, unfortunately for the UTB team, the YUTEM team scored the first goal, in fact it was the last goal on that day. The teams retired by a score of 2-1 in favor of YUTEM.

After the match the fans and interested players could enjoy a game of paintball.

We thank our partner “YUTEM” company for the warm welcome and a rich program.