The companionable football match between the corporation "Ukrtransbud" and LLC "YUTEM"

We not only work hard, constructing objects and solving complex engineering tasks, but also fun and actively spend our leisure time. Inspired by the European Championship, we, together with our partner "YUTEM" company have decided to hold a companionable football match.

The meeting was held in the city of Chernihiv. The entire game was mostly in the center of the field, scoring chances were both on the part of the corporation "Ukrtransbud" and from "YUTEM" LLC. Both teams were looking at an adequate level.

In the first half the penalty kick goal was scored in our goal by the “YUTEM” team striker Dmitry Gaydukevich. The "Ukrtransbud" corporation also had a few high spots. But the score was 1 to 0 when the teams went for break.

There was minor fatigue of both teams in the second half. Two goals were scored: first – by the right tackle of the "Ukrtransbud" team Yevgeny Andreev in the "YUTEM" command goal, and his second goal was scored by the "YUTEM" striker Gaydukevich Dmitry in our goal. The match ended with the score 1-3 for the "YUTEM" command.

The return match is scheduled for August 2016 visiting the "UTEM" company.

We thank our partners for their excellent game. Both the players and the fans got a lot of pleasure from the meeting.
We plan to carry out more frequently such football matches with the partners of the corporation, as well as to organize other forms of corporate recreational activity.